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SUSE Success Story

SVHW | SUSE Success Story Increased flexibility and reduced costs for Oracle databases Cut planned downtime to a minimum with live patching capability Saved at least two man-days per month in administration alone Reduced operational costs through platform standardization and Windows-Linux interoperability Products SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension SUSE […]

Running Phabricator on FreeBSD 10.2

Reference: Update the FreeBSD 10.2 system. # freebsd-update fetch # freebsd-update install Update the FreeBSD 10.2 packages. # pkg update Install the needed packages. # pkg install mysql57-server # pkg install apache24 # pkg install mod_php56 # pkg install php56-gd # pkg install py27-pygments # pkg install pecl-mailparse # pkg […]

Migrating SLES11 from VMWare to Oracle VM 3

A quick migration of a SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 VMware virtual machine to Oracle VM 3.3 is possible. There are a few things that need attention. The fstab entries  have to be updated and you have to generate a new initrd. You can do everything by hand, but I used the SLES11 rescue […]

Running Oracle Linux 6 at your hosting provider

Not many hosting providers offer Oracle Linux system images for virtual or dedicated servers. CentOS images are rather common. By changing the yum repositories you can upgrade your CentOS 6 node to Oracle Linux 6. Oracle provides a script for changing the repositories. Start with a minimal CentOS 6 image. Download the Oracle […]